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12 December 2011 @ 05:39 pm
Rules for The Stew Nation  

Wanna be part of The Stew Nation? Fantastic! Here are a few (simple) rules.
If you can follow them, welcome to the army.

1. No Stew bashing of any kind... We don't tolerate it. So, don't do it.

2. No bashing of Stew's friends, family, current/former/future co-stars, exes, etc.

3. No repeat posting. Please read entries/posts here & at the community to make sure the topic hasn't already been covered.

4. Healthy debates and arguments are welcome but don't bash and hate on each other. We're here with a mutual love of all things Stew.


6. Got new dirt and news  that we don't? SPILL IT!

7. Have fun!

We reserve the right to edit these rules and add/delete as we see fit.


Team Stew Nation

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